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In the following some of the main projects and cases that in the years had been attended are listed.
The responsibility and involvement had been different case by case and varied from project management, to participation to a working team, to the assistance to other surveyors, to the full management.
Each case improved the experience and the technical background and the support given by all the professionals and colleagues which trusted our services has been invaluable

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No. Type Event Activity  
266 Supply Vessel Charter Contract Survey Condition Survey
265 Chemical New Building Survey Condition Survey, Pre-Purchase Survey
264 Container Charter Contract Survey On-hire Survey
263 Chemical/Tug Bottom Damage Survey P&I Survey
262 Reefer Diesel Generator Damage Consultancy Insurance Claim Analysis
261 Container Charter Contract Survey On-Hire Survey
260 Chemical Tanker Collision and Fire Consultancy Damage Assessment, Repair Specification
259 Barge Contact against pier Survey Damage survey
258 Chemical Tanker Charter Contract Survey On-hire survey
257 Tug Charter Contract Survey Condition Survey
256 Industry Bad Weather Damage Consultancy Yard Cover
254 Supply Vessel Charter Contract Survey Condition Survey
253 Yacht Contact against pier Survey H&M Survey, Claim Analysis
252 Yacht Damage to Arneson drive Survey H&M damage survey, Claim analysis
251 Passenger/Ro-Ro Ferry Completion of Conversion Survey Condition Survey
250 Industry Damage to Diesel Generator Survey Damage Survey
248 Supply Vessel Black out and contact against rig Survey Casualty Investigation
247 Yacht Fuel Contamination and Main Engines Malfunctions Survey H&M Damage Survey
246 RoRo - Passenger Ferry Contact against pier Survey P&I Survey
244 Container Vessel Damage to Main Engine Turbo Chargers Consultancy Claim Analysis
242 Gas Carrier Charter Contract Survey Off Hire & On Hire Survey
240 Container Vessel Damage to Auxiliary Boiler Consultancy Insurance claim analysis
234 Yacht Main engine failure Survey H&M Damage Survey, Claim Analysis
228 Yacht Sinking of a wooden historic hull Consultancy Consulenza Tecnica di Parte
222 Platform Removal of testing fluids Survey Condition Survey
216 Yacht Grounding Survey Damage Survey, H&M Survey, Claim Analysis
215 Bulk Carrier Collision Survey H&M Damage Survey, Claim Analysis
211 Yacht Damage during Transport Survey H&M Damage Survey, Claim Analysis
210 Container Vessel P&I Entry Survey Condition Survey
208 Cable Layer Damage to Diesel Generator Survey H&M Damage Survey, Claim Analysis
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