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In the following some of the main projects and cases that in the years had been attended are listed.
The responsibility and involvement had been different case by case and varied from project management, to participation to a working team, to the assistance to other surveyors, to the full management.
Each case improved the experience and the technical background and the support given by all the professionals and colleagues which trusted our services has been invaluable

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No. Type Event Activity  
297 Tug/Supply Vessel Damage during hauling ashore Survey Damage Survey
296 Naval Damage to starboard main engine Survey Damage Survey
295 Tanker Court litigation Consultancy Technical arbitration
294 Tug & Barge Stranding Survey Damage survey
293 General cargo Hull damage Consultancy Insurance claim analysis
292 Reefer Heavy weather damage Survey Damage survey
291 Tug/Supply vessel Collision Consultancy Marine casualty investigation
290 General cargo H&M coverage Survey Risk assessment survey
289 Container P&I Entry Survey P&I Survey
288 Tug/Supply Vessel Damage to stern thruster Survey Damage survey
287 Passenger/Ferry Damage to sealine Consultancy Marine Casualty Investigation
286 Others Maintenance Consultancy Preparation of Specifications
285 Yacht Incendio Consulenza Consulenza Tecnica di Parte
284 Tug/Supply Vessel Newbuilding Consultancy Preparation of Specifications
283 Navy Fire in Engine Room Survey Damage Survey
282 Heavy Lift Charter Contract Survey Condition Survey
281 Container Charter Contract Consultancy On Hire/Off Hire Survey
280 Container Charter Contract Survey Off Hire Survey
279 Tug Charter Contract Survey Condition Survey
278 Supply Vessel Charter Contract Survey Condition Survey
277 Bulk Carrier Boiler Damage Survey H&M Survey
276 Container Charter Contract Consultancy On-Hire/Off-Hire Survey
275 Tug/Supply Vessel Charter Contract Survey Condition Survey
274 Yacht Main Engines Failure & Towage Survey Hull & Machinery Surveys
273 Yacht Main Engine Damage Survey H&M Survey
272 General Cargo Scrapping and recycling of a detained vessel Consultancy Preparation of Specifications
270 Tug Charter Contract Survey Condition Survey
269 Yacht Shaft Line Damage Survey Hull & Machinery Survey, Insurance Claim Analysis
268 Container Main Engine Clutch Damage Survey Damage Survey
267 Yacht Fire in Shipyard Survey Damage Survey
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