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In the following some of the main projects and cases that in the years had been attended are listed.
The responsibility and involvement had been different case by case and varied from project management, to participation to a working team, to the assistance to other surveyors, to the full management.
Each case improved the experience and the technical background and the support given by all the professionals and colleagues which trusted our services has been invaluable

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No. Type Event Activity  
201 Yacht Refitting Survey Financing Survey
169 Others Marine Engineering & Consulting Services Consultancy Others
167 Yacht Damages during lifting Consultancy Claim Analysis
162 Tanker Newbuilding Consultancy Review of specification
161 Others Technical Management Consultancy Others
148 Yacht Constructive Total Loss during Sea Transport Survey Damage Survey
143 Bulk Carrier Grounding Survey H&M Damage Survey, Claim Analysis
134 Tanker Fire Consultancy Insurance Claim Analysis
133 Crane Barge Falling of LOad Survey Damage Survey
132 Tanker Grounding Survey Damage Survey and Claim Analysis
131 Ferry Grounding Survey Damage Survey
130 Ferry Fire Survey Damage Survey
129 Crane Barge Heavy Weather Damage Survey Damage Survey
128 Crane Barge Collision Survey Damage Survey
127 Others Newbuilding defects Consultancy CTP
126 Container vessel Main Engine Damage H&M Survey Damage Survey and Claim Analysis
125 OBO H&M Policy Renewal Survey Condition Survey
118 Passenger Conversion Survey Condition Survey
117 Bulk Carrier Collision Survey H&M Damage Survey, Claim Analysis
116 Yacht Bad Weather Damage Survey H&M Damage Survey
115 Gas Carrier Bad Weather Damage Survey H&M Survey, Claim Analysis
110 Tanker Damage to boilers Survey Damage Survey, H&M Survey, Claim Analysis
108 General Cargo Detention Survey Condition Survey, Evaluation
105 Yacht Fire and total loss Survey H&M Damage Survey
083 Cable Layer Newbuilding Survey Warranty claim analysis
080 Yacht Fire and total loss Survey H&M Damage Survey, Claim Analysis
066 Platform Hydraulic System Contamination Survey Damage Survey
063 Container Fire and Total Loss Consultancy Casualty Analysis
036 Platform Crane Collapse Survey Damage Survey
032 Yacht Claim for Construction Defects Consultancy Assistenza al CTP
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